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Customer Service excellence, is brought about with an intrinsic understanding of human behaviour. This book goes beyond just the mechanical functions of customer service, and explores what NLP has to offer the individual in customer service, when dealing with prospects and clients alike.


This eBook covers many of the requirements of Customer Service, but beyond this gives the reader insight to NLP practises, so as to bring about levels of Excellence in Customer Service. I believe we all have unique gifts and abilities and most of the time these are suppressed, and never given a platform, to be expressed to the world. All I ask of you; is your commitment to emptying your preconceived ideas, about the content of the book, and take the time to absorb and think deeply about the literature we will be participating in. Please take note that I am not going to get into the mechanics of serving a customer i.e. one such mechanical function in a restaurant would be to serve from the left, clear from the right. Customer Service can be approached as just a series of mechanical functions, and whilst obviously the mechanics are important, you won’t gain a competitive advantage today by just being efficient. I intend to take you beyond just the prevailing view of “good customer service.”


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