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Covering all aspects of the interview process, from application through to after the interview. Crucial NLP skills to be utilised during the interview, in being able to build rapport rapidly. Potential questions and the way they should be dealt with, as well as what you should be asking at interview stage.


As a life and NLP coach, I have compiled this book to not only deal with the logical rudiments for interview skills. I have also incorporated Life and NLP strategies, so as to gear the applicant for jobs, with the edge in gaining rapport, and providing all that is required in a holistic way. We explore the different types of interviews, various interview questions that may be asked, and how to answer them. We will also cover what you need to be asking during the interview process. My primary objective with this book was to be as comprehensive as possible, with various examples, so as to instil confidence and ability, before, during and after the interview.


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