BPAR PRINCIPLE – Life & NLP Coaching strategy!!!

I hope to explain a simple concept of what belief does; through my BPAR principle, illustrated above and explained below.

What is the holy grail between the person taking action and not? It all boils down to one word – BELIEF or certainty. When someone is absolutely certain about something changing their life they believe! When you kind of believe you are certain…you will never do what is required.

The middle ground of no mans land of MAYBE, will never produce the results. So how do you get to follow through? MINDSET;

  • Belief about your potential,
  • Potential – is something we all have, to a greater or lesser extent,
  • Action that you take, will determine the results you get,
  • Results acheived, will reinforce your belief,
  • Belief will in turn, enhance your potential.

This can either be an upward or downward spiral, and it all levitates around the cornerstone of belief that you have within yourself. If you believe that you do not have the potential, then how much action will you take; my perception is very little. Little potential, coupled with little action, will deliver small results. Small results, will go straight to your belief system, and confirm what we started with – limited belief in your potential – which will force you further down the hole, with regards to your potential. Your self talk is basically saying, “I told you this was a waste of time”, or “told you this wouldn’t work”. This all feeds on itself, until you are in a downward spiral, which is a poisonous self forfulling belief.

WHAT IF; someone could come along and fill you with a sense of certainty/belief about your potential. Where you are absolutely focused, where there is no way out, because you have to do this. In essence burn the boats, and find a way, for your true potential to come to the fore. A decision made that you are no longer going to live this way. TO A PLACE, where if this doesn’t work, I WILL MAKE IT WORK – through massive action…you will start achieving greater results – your brain then goes, “you see, I told you I can do it” – a better belief which in turn fuels your potential.

A portion of my life coaching and NLP strategies go a far way towards, creating belief/certainty. I focus on getting results in your head, that you can see, feel, and virtually touch – they are so vivid. To have an obsession with your results or outcome so to speak, will be so well conditioned that you know intrinsically, that you are able to manifest.