I thought it pertinent to briefly cover presuppositions, or if you like assumptions and convenient beliefs that should be adopted in customer service. As a coach and trainer I believe we all have the capacity for change. If I didn’t believe this; I would not be able to evoke change in my clients.

Lets begin with our beliefs. They obviously structure our reality as we move through life – however they are not necessarily true. Beliefs can be dis-enabling, however we can change limiting beliefs to be more enabling, so as to produce better results. Everyone has the ability to change and we all have great potentiality – sometimes of which we are unaware. To produce the results we want we need to uncover the beliefs that hold us back.

So besides our beliefs, the values, and attitudes we have, filter our external reality, and come into our subconscious, creating our internal representation. Change a belief value or attitude through our internal representation, which in turn will change our state, which effects our physiology and in turn improves our results.

Below is a list of assumptions or convenient beliefs to actualize internally and make our external behavior. Much of this is drawn from my study of NLP techniques, which questions how we are conditioned internally;

  1. RESISTANCE in a client is a sign of lack of rapport. Remember there are no resistant clients, only inflexible communicators. Effective communicators ACCEPT and utilize all communication presented to them.
  2. RESPECT for the other person you are communicating with, and their model of the world. This means giving them your undivided attention. To not just listen but listen actively so as to establish exactly where the client is coming from. You don’t have to accept it, however if you enter into it, with an open mind, you will be able to discover what the clients key motivations and triggers are.
  3. EVERYONE is doing the best they can with the resources they have available. BEHAVIOR is geared towards adaptation, and present behavior is the best choice the client has available. Remember, every behavior is motivated by a positive intent.
  4. PEOPLE are NOT their behaviors. What I’m reiterating here is that you accept the person and change their behaviors.
  5. There is only feedback…NO FAILURE – only feedback. If you adopt this state of mind, to every interaction, you will find that your people skills will improve drastically.
  6. The LAW of REQUISITE VARIETY: states that the person with the most flexibility of behavior will control the outcome. Be flexible in your approach – avoid rigidity at all cost’s.
  7. All PROCEDURES should be designed to increase choice for the client. This not only includes products or services your company provides, but also includes their choice to embrace the level of service excellence you are providing.

I’m here to tell you there are two things that control our every thought, every emotion, and every action in life; they are our BELIEFS and VALUES. Whether you believe customers are painful, or difficult or that they drain your energy – then you will not, push for that next level of exceptional customer service.

Beliefs control us, however our values are also important. Let’s say you value your family, and want the very best for them, or you value the company you work for…however a lot of the time we have values in conflict – where we really want to do well for our family or we really want to do well for our company and colleagues, but we may have a belief which conflicts – such as; clients are annoying or trying this new belief never works…these inner conflicts prevent us from using all of our energy and focus. It’s kind of like taking two steps forward and four steps back. What you want to do is find where you have this inner conflict and find more resourceful beliefs, that will empower your values and bring about the best most exceptional you.