The initial telephonic consultation is free. During this, (which takes up to one hour) we will assess your situation and explain how I work. It could be a conversation unlike anything you’ve experienced. Please take note that by agreeing to meet me after the telephone conversation; that you’re agreeing to be coached and you will probably be shaken up with a new perspective on life from our first meeting. Bear in mind that I don’t hold back…it’s just not in my nature.


  • PERSONALIZATION: A tailored bespoke programme to you, your life and your requirements.
  • VARIOUS PACKAGES: From a casual one month to a year’s exclusive arrangement. Typically 2 sessions per month each, for approximately 11/2 hrs.
  • INTERVENTIONS: A wholesome, 2 hr session.
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Powerful 5-hour long session.
  • TRAINING: Customer Service & Sales – approximately 4 hours each. Minimum of 4 delegates.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: 2 x 15-minute Check-in Telephonic Sessions per month. Dependant on package chosen.
  • MOTIVATION: Unlimited access to me via Email. Dependant on package chosen.
  • PROGRESS: Growth actions and reports.

Expect your life to be transformed and to improve significantly.

Your investment is as follows;

  • The initial telephonic consultation is free.
  • Initial one-hour session (personal history and orientation) costs R600.
  • Pricing can vary; however, it is usually anything between R250 and R5500 depending on the programme most suitable to you or your company.
  • All compensation is paid prior to each session and is non-refundable.

What my bespoke coaching can do for you?

  • Individual or Company; I design bespoke training’s, tailored to individuals or companies, requirements. I utilise, best practices of Life and NLP coaching to help work through whatever is holding you or your company from achieving all that you are capable of.
  • Customer Service Coaching; In my eBook and workshops I go above and beyond the prevailing view of good service. We will explore not only the WHY TO, but also spend time determining the HOW TO, in your specific work environment. NLP once again plays a significant part in being able to up your game to first world standard customer service. I must just mention that this one on one, or group workshop; lays a strong emphasis on not only carrying these skills forward in you place of work, but also the utilisation of these skills and techniques in your personal life.
  • Sales Coaching; We never stop selling…if the thought of this is contentious for you, then perhaps we need to connect. Having worked in sales both abroad and locally, I have had the privilege of attending many sales training programmes. To this I have added my experiences, and formulated an eBOOK as well as a comprehensive workshop, which can be utilised on a one to one basis as well as in a group setting.
  • Career Coaching; Whether you’re looking to up your game, considering a new position, or want to change direction completely – it is crucial that you have the innate tools to deal with the process. In today’s demanding requirement for job applicants, we will explore what is required to be in the top percentage of interviewee’s. We will look briefly at some of the more basic requirements and explore what is required to be able to create a harmonious interview…without the nerve’s that sometimes prohibit us from delivering our best. Rapport through NLP techniques, once again features strongly in this one on one or workshop course. However we also explore all the possible questions that may be asked of yourself, and more importantly what you should be asking not only of yourself but also the person and company you are being interviewed by.