YOU entering a coaching relationship with me…

This relationship is based with the aim; of listening and focusing with no judgement on YOU. It is essentially about YOU, whereby we elicit, your goals and dreams in life, and go about helping YOU to achieve them.

Intent of understanding will be my moral compass; to all that is being communicated to me – by YOU. I will be curious about; what you really want, what makes you tick, and how you align with your values.

Purpose will be our target; I will hold the flag at the top of the hill, and encourage you to press on so as to celebrate your victories, and help you learn from your setbacks.

Transparency and truth will be our precursor; to the truth about where you are strong, and most of all – where you sell yourself short. Through transparency I will know what you can handle, and see how large to life you can be, even when you can’t see it within yourself.

Strength in character will be our main aim; as we dismantle those self-limiting conversations you’ve been having over the years. Because this is a do with process – WE, collectively will simply notice the voices of sabotage for what they are and forge ahead, with the powerful part of you.

I welcome you to my world and what I aspire to do, collectively with you.